Dolphins surfing the Wild Coast's waves

Dolphin & Whale watching on the Wild Coast

The two most commonly seen whales off the Wild Coast are the Humpback and Southern Right Whales. These whales feed in Antarctic waters during the summer and visit our shores from June to December, to give birth and raise their young.

The whales do not come in as close as they do in the Southern Cape so it is best to pack a pair of binoculars and climb a high vantage point. Observers will be treated to spectacular displays as both species leap almost clear of the water. The Southern Rights also perform "tail slapping" on the water surface and remain inverted from time to time, with only their tails protruding above the surface.

Dolphins are common along the coast and can occasionally form schools of up to 5000 members during the Sardine Run. They are most often seen surfing and performing acrobatic manoeuvres in the waves. The two most commonly seen species are the Common and Bottlenosed varieties.