Hiking on the Strandloper Trail

Wild Coast Hiking Trails

There are several magnificent hiking trails along the Wild Coast, including the Hole in the Wall Hiking Trail, the Port St Johns to Coffee Bay Hiking Trail and the Strandloper Trail. Whilst these trails are all superb in their own right, the serious hiker might be tempted into stringing them together and doing them all in one.

The Strandloper Trail

The Strandloper Trail has been described as "the one trail where you can savour the feeling of solitude on an unspoilt beach and down a bar lunch in a cosy pub barely an hour later." The trail is almost 60 km in total and takes 4 days to complete.

Starting at Kei Mouth, the trail passes through several coastal nature reserves and the sleepy seaside villages of Morgan Bay, Marstrand, Haga Haga and the Jikeleza Route villages of Cintsa, Glengariff and Sunrise-on-Sea before terminating at Gonubie. It is clearly marked with little painted yellow footprints and can be walked throughout the year. The best weather is between February and May, which have warm windless days.

Visit the website for more info: www.strandlopertrails.org.za

Coffee Bay to Hole in the Wall Hike

The amazing hike from Coffee Bay to Hole in the Wall traverses high sea cliffs and rolling green hills and is approximately 3 hours in either direction. Along the way, the hiker passes Xhosa villages and the Baby Hole and is treated to spectacular views of the coastline. A steep path up the Whale's Back provides a different view of Hole in the Wall, for those with enough energy left.

Port St. Johns to Coffee Bay Hiking Trail

The Port St. Johns to Coffee Bay Hiking Trail goes through some of the most beautiful hiking landscape in South Africa. The trail hugs a stretch of coastline along the former Transkei homeland, and is unspoilt and barely touched by development. You will walk along rolling grassy hills dotted with colourful huts, idyllic beaches, estuaries flanked by thick coastal forest and cliffs with stunning sea views. Hikers sleep in hikers' huts and village accommodation. You will also learn a little bit of Xhosa Language and experience the Xhosa food. If you're hiking at the right time of the year, you will most likely see dolphins and whales. The duration of the hiking trail is five days with four overnight stops and a maximum of 22 people can be accommodated on each hike.

Visit the website for more info: www.wildcoasthikes.com

Waterfall Bluff Hiking Trail

This is a lovely trail of approximately 5 kilometres depending on the route taken from the parking area at Luputana Gorge to Waterfall Bluff, which is one of the very few waterfalls on earth that plunges directly into the ocean. There are many interesting sights and plants along the route and places to swim as well.