Hluleka Nature Reserve

Hluleka Nature Reserve lies along the beautiful and tranquil former Transkei coast. It lies within the district of Ngqeleni and is situated approximately 90km (by road) to the South East of Umtata, taking the R61 towards Port St Johns.

The area is comprised of the old Strachan's grant farm and is an impressive 772-ha in area, which includes the coastal strip. It is made up of 2 magnificent forest reserves, which include Congwane Mtombo forest reserve and Ndabeni Hluleka forest reserve.

This reserve offers a range of diverse eco systems from rocky seashores and lagoons to evergreen forests of quinine, coral and Natal Fig Trees. Winding paths leading to grassy hilltops within the forests offer spectacular dolphin and whale viewing. Hluleka's main appeal to the naturalist is the abundant birdlife.