Magwa Falls

Wild Coast Waterfalls

Magwa Falls

An 8-kilometre drive through the Magwa Tea Estate leads to the impressive Magwa Falls where the river leaps off a precipice into a narrow, 142-metre deep, slot canyon that was formed by seismic activity.

Mateku Falls

Here, a stream plunges 142 metres over the Mateku Falls into the densely forested valley of the Msikaba River and is best viewed after it has rained. There is an off-road track to the falls but a good viewpoint can also be had several kilometres past the turnoff to the Mateku Mission, on the road to the Msikaba Mouth.

Banyane Falls

The Banyane Falls hike takes you through the stunning coastal forest of the Cwebe Nature Reserve to a lovely spot with numerous good view points from above and below the falls. The pool at the bootom of the falls is an excellent place for a refreshing dip. The walk is approx. 1hr & 30mins each way, or a 20min walk from the Breezy point road if you decide to drive

Fraser Falls

The Mkozi River, which runs alongside the road to Mbotyi, cascades over the three successive steps of Fraser Falls as it descends into the forested Fraser Gorge.

Waterfall Bluff

The spectacular, 93 metre high, Waterfall Bluff is one of only a few waterfalls on Earth that plunge directly into the ocean. The only way to get there is via the Waterfall Bluff Trail, which begins at the mouth of the Luphuthana River and is a 5km walk each way.

Mkhambati Gorge

A beautiful gorge, with several waterfalls and deep pools, cuts its way through the landscape before plunging into the sea from the waterfall at its mouth. Includes Misty Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Mkambati Falls and the Strandloper Falls.

Bulolo Waterfall

The Bulolo waterfall, near Second Beach at Port St Johns, may not large or impressive but it makes up for that with a deep pool that you can jump into after hiking through the riverine forest. You can jump from heights of up to 7m.

Other waterfalls of note on the Wild Coast are Icicici Falls, Alice Falls, Mfihelo Falls, The Gates Waterfall and Gxara Falls.