Holidaymakers on the Morgan Bay beach


Rainfall along the Wild Coast is high; approximately 1000mm falls here annually, predominantly in Spring and Autumn. Temperatures in Summer (January) average about 28 degrees C (High) and 17 Degrees (Low), and in Winter (June) about 20 degrees C (High) and 8 Degrees (Low).


Summer lasts from mid-October to mid-February and is characterized by hot, sunny weather and thunderstorms that clear really quickly.


Autumn lasts from mid-February to April and is characterized by little rain and warm weather, ideal for travelling and sightseeing.


Winter lasts from May to July and is characterized by great weather, with mild sunny days and no wind or rain.


Spring lasts from August to mid-October and sees a warming in temperatures.

When to visit:

There are two schools of thought: Some people prefer Winter, on account of the mild weather and sunny days. Others prefer the summer months as the best opportunity to enjoy the diverse ecology, and in particular the butterflies and bird life, not to mention local succulents and wildflowers. The December school holidays are a very busy time for the Wild Coast, and for most vacation destinations in the country, so advance bookings and enquiries are a good idea then.