The Kei Mouth Pont

The Pont was started by Kei Mouth businessman Andrew Baisley in 1990 and it has become a vital lifeline for the communities living in the Centane area. Before the Pont, it was either a dice with death in a rowing boat, or a 154km round trip via Butterworth, just to get a few hundred metres to the other side.

The Pont is in operation seven days a week, 365 days a year. They only close when the river is in flood or the sea too big. There is usually only one Pont in operation at a time, but during holidays both are in action. Each Pont can carry two vehicles at a time and the first crossing of the day is usually made at 7am, when people from the Transkei side make their way across to work in Kei Mouth.

For pedestrians it's a 50 cent trip, a motorbike cost R50 return and a car / bakkie is R60 each way. It's run on a first come first serve basis. As the southern entry point to the Transkei, the Pont sets the tone for the adventure ahead. It's a way of saying "Goodbye World! Hello Transkei!".