Wild Coast Accommodation

Wild Coast Accommodation

Here you will find a wide range of Wild Coast accommodation to help you plan your next holiday. Accommodation on the Wild Coast is sparse, with some villages consisting of only one hotel or backpacker lodge and a few fishermen's cottages. It is only in the 'larger' villages and towns, that one is treated to a large selection of Wild Coast accommodation that includes hotels, bed & breakfasts, self-catering cottages, game farms, guest lodges, backpacker lodges, caravan and camping sites.

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Just because the region is off of the beaten track doesn't mean you have to sleep in a tent. The Wild Coast boasts some excellent family hotels in magical locations with enough on offer to keep the children busy while you settle down with a book and work on your tan.

Self Catering and Bed & Breakfast options:

An option favoured by many families looking for good, clean Wild Coast accommodation is to rent a self catering house or apartment. Many people own holiday homes and rent them out as self catering houses rather than have them stand empty when they are not there. It's a much more private option and one is provided with all the amenities and space one is accustomed to at home. The few Bed & Breakfasts scattered along the coastline are ideal for couples looking to get away and enjoy a few days of relaxation in comfortable accommodation and beautiful surroundings.

Nature Reserves:

The Wild Coast is blessed with many fine coastal nature reserves. From Double Mouth and its picture-postcard campsite in the south the names roll off the tongue as one heads north; Dwesa, Cwebe, Hluleka, Silaka and Mkambati are all fantastic reserves that between them boast lush coastal forests, expansive grasslands, meandering rivers and a diverse coastline. All of the reserves are operated by EC Parks and accommodation options are varied.

Caravanning and Camping:

So many of the places along the coastline are so far off the beaten track that they are without running water or electricity, the one thing they do have however is magnificent scenery and an abundance of fish. So it's no surprise then, that South African fishermen have a long tradition of camping on the Wild Coast. It's a tradition that's still going strong, as attested to by the numerous Wild Coast campsites and caravan parks. So forget the expensive hotels, load up your fishing gear and tow your off-road caravan down to the coast!

Cultural Villages:

An interesting accommodation alternative is to stay with the locals in one of the handful of community run camps and lodges scattered along the coast, such as iKhamanga at Qolora and Amadiba Adventures near the Wild Coast Sun. It's the best way to support the local communities and you'll come away with a thoroughly authentic experience.

Backpacker Lodges:

An excellent introduction to the variety of adventure options in the region, from surfing to gorge jumping, is via the backpacker lodge network. Even if backpacking is not your style, the most up to the minute info is always available around the bar of your local backpacker lodge, so a visit is always worthwhile.

Also known as Transkei Accommodation

Wild Coast Accommodation
Transkei Accommodation
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